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Lost before labels

by Lilly Moone (Insta: @moone_draws)

what am i?

i am someone who needs

to explain herself to everyone

she meets

where can i exist in peace?

what am i?

i don’t like anyone, i say

i’m just too young right now

and today is not the day

that i find myself

what am i?

everyone keeps asking

so i had to pick out a boy

who could hide me and help me 

avoid that question longer

what am i?

i am lost and i am alone

and i’ve gone through so many names

trying to find the right tone

that might describe me


Published by aaaliteraryjournal

A literary journal dedicated to Asexual, Aromantic, and Agender storytelling, through poetry, essays, fiction, creative nonfiction, etc. We will publish on our page when submissions are open. You may now also follow us on Twitter at @AaaLiterary.

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