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By Annataryx “I don’t believe in destiny,” they say confidently. She glares at them. “We are quite literally fulfilling a prophecy right now, Azi.” They shrug. “Coincidence,” they dismiss. “Paired with the internal bias that comes from being raised with the belief that this is what we were born to do.” “I cannot believe you.”…

A Quoiromantic’s Recipe

By Vesta This world is obsessed with cakethe type that is shared by twocake for one is self-lovethat much is true i’m told there is an ultimate cake in each of our livesour recipes for it designed through the yearswe either perfect it with partnersor live a lonely life of tears they somehow know the…

Lights, Camera, Aro!

By CharCharChar “Stop,” says the man holding the threads of my future in my hands. “Look darling, come here for a second would you?” I approach the dimly lit desk, his co-chairs in too dim of lighting to make out after being in the stage lights. “We all know you can act; you wouldn’t have…

I Heal Myself

By J.D. She needs himLike she needs airHe needs herLike water But I breatheI drink, I gaspI drownAll on my own She soothes her handsthrough her hairShe kisses herSoft and gentle But I tighten my jawAnd say I’m fineBecause I will beI am my own He brings them soupAnd pills and teaThey relax into himHe…

The Archer

By J.D. I take aimCorrect formExhaleRelease The word hangsIn the airA whisperA whisper I lower my armI lower my voiceI sayI just thoughtYou should know My heart-drumPoundsTime in iceInhale the frost Wait for the targetTo receiveOr rejectThe aro


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