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By Annataryx “I don’t believe in destiny,” they say confidently. She glares at them. “We are quite literally fulfilling a prophecy right now, Azi.” They shrug. “Coincidence,” they dismiss. “Paired with the internal bias that comes from being raised with the belief that this is what we were born to do.” “I cannot believe you.”Continue reading “Destiny”

A Quoiromantic’s Recipe

By Vesta This world is obsessed with cakethe type that is shared by twocake for one is self-lovethat much is true i’m told there is an ultimate cake in each of our livesour recipes for it designed through the yearswe either perfect it with partnersor live a lonely life of tears they somehow know theContinue reading “A Quoiromantic’s Recipe”

Lights, Camera, Aro!

By CharCharChar “Stop,” says the man holding the threads of my future in my hands. “Look darling, come here for a second would you?” I approach the dimly lit desk, his co-chairs in too dim of lighting to make out after being in the stage lights. “We all know you can act; you wouldn’t haveContinue reading “Lights, Camera, Aro!”

Aro, Ace, and Agender Publications

Aspec Journal: Free Online Aspec Fiction, Poetry, and More: Carnival of Aros: Arospec Poetry Network: Aromantic Writing Month (February): AZE Journal:

Precisely because I am Asexual (not because I am also Biromantic), I am queer.

by Elizabeth Ponds (Twitter, WordPress, IG: pondsyo95) Content warning: rape, abuse, erasure, conversion therapy Definition of Asexual: someone who does not experience sexual attraction to anyone. Theopposite of allosexual. Often combined with a romantic orientation, such as panromantic,biromantic, homoromantic, heteroromantic, or aromantic. An asexual is not heterosexual and around 25% of asexuals identify on theContinue reading “Precisely because I am Asexual (not because I am also Biromantic), I am queer.”


By J.P.R. (Blogspot) Like ablank slate— Am I gender void? I’ve got “male” parts—but sometimes I feel android. As a small child it wasn’t unheard ofto see me to playing with dollsbut I would destroy all the Barbiesbecause they were unrealistic manifestations of beauty— What gall! Sometimes I’d dressed in drag anddid a fashion showContinue reading “I AM AGENDER, BUT SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE AN ANDROID”

A scab to pick off

by Elizabeth Ponds (Twitter, WordPress, IG: pondsyo95) Content warnings: compulsory sexuality, sex Once again I wanted….I wanted my Asexuality to be a scab I could pick off and flickonto the carpet of my college apartmentwhere I had never fallen in love,where I had let men and women, enbys and agenders, fall in love with me. I shouldContinue reading “A scab to pick off”

A Journey Through the Liminal Space: Aro, Agender, and Ace

Table of Contents in order of publication For release during the week of October 25th-30th, 2020, or Asexual Awareness Week Title Author If it rhymes, it’s true CharCharChar You need permission for what is already yours C.Michelle Scars Amara Lynn A scab to pick off Elizabeth Ponds Complete Lilly Moone Passing Privilege Jenna DeWitt ItContinue reading “A Journey Through the Liminal Space: Aro, Agender, and Ace”

Introduction to AAA Literary Journal

Welcome! Thank you for visiting AAA Literary Journal. Our first publication is for Asexual Awareness Week in 2020 and is called “Journeys through the Liminal Space: Aro, Agender, and Ace.” We hope to publish more editions in the future to raise awareness of the rich, complex experiences of Asexual, Aromantic, and Agender folks. We willContinue reading “Introduction to AAA Literary Journal”