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Welcome to AAA Literary Journal

Our journal was created in Fall 2020 by queer people who identify within the “A” of the LGBTQIA+ community. We strive to provide an open & welcoming submissions process; and a safe, pleasant space (on Discord) for our international community to work together to create the next issue of each journal free from the rampant harassment & ridicule found online.

We aim to showcase the voices of Asexual-spectrum, Aromantic-spectrum, and Agender people from all over the globe through a combination of poetry, short stories, & essays because our stories so often go untold; as well, we provide space for art and photography within our pages. Upcoming schedules can be found in the back of our Journal’s latest PDF version.

Latest from the Journal


By Annataryx “I don’t believe in destiny,” they say confidently. She glares at them. “We are quite literally fulfilling a prophecy right now, Azi.” They shrug. “Coincidence,” they dismiss. “Paired with the internal bias that comes from being raised with the belief that this is what we were born to do.” “I cannot believe you.”…

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