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A Quoiromantic’s Recipe

By Vesta

This world is obsessed with cake
the type that is shared by two
cake for one is self-love
that much is true

i’m told there is an ultimate cake in each of our lives
our recipes for it designed through the years
we either perfect it with partners
or live a lonely life of tears

they somehow know the recipe
without even a glance
typical yet essential
the ingredient of romance

i don’t know
what it is
what it looks like
how it tastes

how much should I add?
is it a must?
can I… not add any at all?
i’m left in the dust

others cannot explain it
they say they just know
hands they want to hold
hands I want to throw

not enough, not enough
they say cakes I share with friends
will never taste as sweet
second-best is where it ends

romance is optional
my recipe says so
my cake tastes colorful
topped with an aro and bow

it’s enough, it’s enough
i’ve fallen in love with this
just this, all of this
nothing my recipe will miss.


Published by aaaliteraryjournal

A literary journal dedicated to Asexual, Aromantic, and Agender storytelling, through poetry, essays, fiction, creative nonfiction, etc. We will publish on our page when submissions are open. You may now also follow us on Twitter at @AaaLiterary.

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