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Passing Privilege

by Jenna DeWitt (Twitter, WordPress)

I put it on everyday

I put it on everyday 

Embroidered in my jeans

At the waistline

Reminding me to pretend


I cut my hair

The way I like

A little bit dangerous

Just below my chin


The flannel shirts are cute

with their plaid

The black ring 

On the middle 

Of my right hand

The casual style

Of the way I say 

I’m not interested

When asked about boys

And dating and clocks and dresses


Of white lace and picket fence

And freedom surrendered

Willingly captive

To covenants and coordinated schedules

Weekends away, two between sheets, kisses

And can you pick up something for me at the store


It isn’t that I think I’m better

Or that I condescend on the world

It isn’t a judgment or threat or cry for attention

Or the need to be unique


Though everyone needs to be told that they matter

To someone, and there’s nothing wrong

With needing to be loved

In a way that I was made to be loved


Not by a date or partner or spouse 

There are other ways than being 


To someone

In a sexual or romantic way


But you do not know this

And neither do they

So I zip up my jeans

And pretend to be



Published by aaaliteraryjournal

A literary journal dedicated to Asexual, Aromantic, and Agender storytelling, through poetry, essays, fiction, creative nonfiction, etc. We will publish on our page when submissions are open. You may now also follow us on Twitter at @AaaLiterary.

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