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Introduction to AAA Literary Journal

Welcome! Thank you for visiting AAA Literary Journal. Our first publication is for Asexual Awareness Week in 2020 and is called “Journeys through the Liminal Space: Aro, Agender, and Ace.” We hope to publish more editions in the future to raise awareness of the rich, complex experiences of Asexual, Aromantic, and Agender folks. We will be publishing a couple works each day during October 25-31, so check us out each day and be sure to give our contributors a follow on their social media if it is included!

Our publication title was inspired by The Liminal Space by C.Michelle, one of our contributors,
whose works you can see more of on Twitter and IG @_cmichelleart_


Published by aaaliteraryjournal

A literary journal dedicated to Asexual, Aromantic, and Agender storytelling, through poetry, essays, fiction, creative nonfiction, etc. We will publish on our page when submissions are open. You may now also follow us on Twitter at @AaaLiterary.

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